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河南11选5如何中奖 www.0uf0.cn Shanghai International High-end Medical Expo 2018


Date: June 27-29, 2018     

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Long Yang Road)


 The high-end medical expo enjoying the most participator value in China is not only an exhibition event binding global medical institutions, tourism agencies and global medical institutions for concentrated display, but also a professional information exchange platform built for overseas medical tourists, wealthy people and urban white collar workers, which will also play a role of bridge and link for comprehensive communication and deep cooperation among wealthy people, urban white collar workers and  global medical institutions and global tourism agencies.

The Exhibition has unlimited business opportunities and huge market potential, where you are invited to join in here to create a market for a prosperous future!

◇Introduction to the Expo:    

Move-in Date: June 25-26, 2018

Open Time: June 27-29, 2018

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No.2345 Long Yang Road)

Organizer: Shanghai Qishun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Official Website: 河南11选5如何中奖 www.0uf0.cn

Title Sponsor: (Sincerely looking for enterprises; more details are available on request)

Supporting Agency: (Sincerely looking for enterprises; more details are available on request)

About Exhibition: 

1. Medical institutions and general hospitals

2. Specialized hospitals and clinics

3. Health management and health checkup centers

4. Cosmetic hospitals, Korean beauty body

5. Births and services, postpartum care centers

6. New medical technology and equipment

7. Telemedicine and mobile health care

8. Customized travel 

9. Tourist Administration/Medical Tourism Association

10. Hotels and high-end resorts

11. Anti-aging hospitals and clubs

12. Well-being and wellness clubs

13. Medical insurance

14. Medical research institutes and media

15. Precision medicine, genetic testing, medical examination for going abroad

16. Dental clinics

 Booth Expense:


Enterprise type Bare expense(rental starts from 36) Standard booth expense (the booth with double openings will surcharge by 10%)
Domestic Enterprise RMB 2,500//exhibition period RMB 23,000/9/exhibition period
Overseas enterprises USD 500//exhibition period USD 5,000/9/exhibition period
Relevant description

1.Bare expense includes exhibition place and cleaning service (except the expense for booth construction and production);

2.Standard booth expense includes three-side exhibition panel, carpet, 1 round meeting table, 4 chairs, 1 data tables and 2 chairs;

3. The corresponding amount of RMB can be paid in accordance with the USD price of state foreign exchange market of that day.


Catalog and other advertisements:  The catalog shall be widely presented to the competent departments and related associations, exhibition merchants; while shall be sent to the domestic and overseas personages and related units, etc.


Front cover: RMB 38,000 Back cover: RMB 26,000 Inside front cover: RMB18,000 Inside back cover: RMB 15,000
Flyleaf: RMB12,000 Colorful full page: RMB 10,000 Handbag: RMB 50,000 /10,000 pieces Entrance ticket: RMB 40,000/100,000 pieces

◇Sponsor Proposal:

The organizer will invite competent companies to sponsor the Expo. Three types of sponsors: diamond sponsor, gold sponsor and silver sponsor. They will enjoy the privilege from the organizer (details are provided upon request.).

◇Details for Exhibition 

1. Fill in the application form and mail or fax it to the organizer;

2. The booth distribution principle is “first apply and first pay will be first arranged” and the booth with double openings will surcharge by 20%;

3. In order to reserve the booth, the Expo fee shall be remitted to the organizer via bank or by the company within 4 days after the application is completed. If the fee is transferred via bank, please fax the remittance documents to the organizer and an invoice will be issued upon receipt of the Expo fee paid by our company;

4. After the organizer receives the exhibition application and fee, Exhibition Manual shall be posted to the exhibitors before June 10, 2018.

◇Ways for Exhibition

If you are interested in the Expo, please fill in the Application Form and Contract, and stamp it with office seal and send it back to Shanghai Qishun Exhibition and Service Co., Ltd via fax or by post.     


Contact Information of Organizing Committee

Location: Room 312, No.1 Building, Fukesi Commercial Plaza, No.89, Huguang East Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 

Tel: 021 -34970623 QQ: 342513279   

Contact: Director Wang Gang (+86)13764152861 (WeChat)

Official website: //www.0uf0.cn   E-mail: [email protected]



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